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Clubhouse Rental
Summer Clubhouse Rental hours at Hatfield are 5:15pm - Midnight Fri & Sat, and 5:15pm - 10pm Sun-Thurs.  Hansen is not available during the summer months, beginning mid-June.
October Clubhouse Rental - Hatfield rental hours are 4:45pm - Midnight Fri & Sat, and 4:45pm - 10pm Mon-Thurs. Hansen rental hours are 10am - Midnight Fri & Sat, and 10am-10pm Sun-Thurs.
Winter Clubhouse Rental - Hatfield rental hours are 4:15pm - Midnight Fri & Sat,  and 4:15pm-10pm Sun-Thurs.  Hansen rental hours are 10am to Midnight Fri & Sat, and 10am-10pm Sun-Thurs.
The clubhouse is only available to residents of RSDA.  Rental fee is $100.00 (check only) with a security deposit of $300.00 (cash only) due when picking up the keys for the rental.  Maximum of 50 guests.  Rentals are on a first come first serve basis.  A rental agreement must be filled out at the time of the booking and the rental fee paid in full.  Call the office for availability (619) 464-1221.