Board Members

President Anne Perez – I have lived here nearly 40 years.  I want to be involved in the decisions that affect this community.  My hope is to continue keeping RSDA a “jewel” in Spring Valley.

My goals as a Board member will be to keep our expense in line and to maintain all common areas and to keep interests of homeowners as a primary concern.

RSDA and the Board of Directors need to respect the ideas and input of all homeowners.  Decisions must be made in the best interest of the Association.  Physical needs must be balanced within the finances of the budget.  Listening, understanding, respect, and diligence must be priorities in making sound decisions to protect RSDA’s assets.

Vice President Skeeter LaGace - I am a longtime homeowner and resident of RSDA.  We moved here in 1990.  I have always stayed informed of the goings on in our community, having watched it grow from open land back in the 70’s.  I consider RSDA to be an absolute necessity for our community.  I have a healthy respect for all of the homeowners that have gone that extra mile to preserve what has been created here.  I recognize that it is ALL of our members, past and present that have made our community what it is today.  My wish in becoming a Board Member is that I can take a more active role in maintaining and improving the community that all of us have created, while keeping down costs. 
My goal while serving as a Board Member is to take an active role in maintaining and improving the community that all of us have created, while keeping down costs. Considering that our community is turning 40, it is most important to keep up the condition of our investments and maintain our property values, which are considerably higher than other parts of Spring Valley.  I am eagerly learning the business side of our Association. 
Treasurer Chris Magill - My parents moved to this area in 1969 and I’ve grown up here.  I’ve rented here in 1990 and bought in 1995 and have taken a personal interest in our RSDA community and surrounding area of Casa de Oro.
Our little community of 832 diverse homes has been a wonderful place to live.  I’ve attended a majority of the meetings since 2010.  I’m confident I can serve my neighbors of all classes with a “fair and reasonable” thought process and will be courteous not only to my fellow directors but also those who address the Board.
I’d like to get more information to the owners they can relate to regarding where our money is being spent vs. the approved budget spreadsheet.  Along with that, expanding the use of our website and emailing not only the upcoming meeting notices but also include the meeting agenda and approved meeting minutes from the previous meeting.  I’d like to see more of our owners attend the meetings to see firsthand the items discussed and how they affect us all.
Secretary Randy Schlake - Being a Real Estate Broker and Appraiser, my original intent for volunteering was to protect my family’s property values by taking a part in the decision making to protect the Association as a whole.  Having gone through the depression in the early nineties, it was not hard to foresee that the then (2004) booming market was soon going to implode.  When this finally happened, as we now know, it took away a substantial amount of the equity in our properties.  It then became very important for the Association not to lose any more of its appeal in the marketplace or we may lose still more equity.  Another factor was also in play.  Being in a Spring Valley zip code, we automatically lose value as we are grouped together with the surrounding communities (like La Presa), which typically exhibit little pride in their homes.  As time progressed during my time on the board, I noticed that some homeowners in our area had begun to neglect their 30+ year old homes and yards.  At that point, I took on the position as head of the Rules Committee and, with the help of other dedicated Homeowners, we started to enforce the rules in an attempt to make Owners aware of the condition of their properties and how we must all do our share in improving our Association to prevent further loss of value in our homes.  I was also made aware of the aging condition of the Association amenities, i.e. pools, tennis/basketball courts and clubhouses.  As a Board, we all determined to stop the “Band-Aid” approach to fixing the problems with the common areas; an approach that only did the minimum amount of repairs to keep costs down.  We all realized that as goes the common areas, so goes our appeal in the marketplace. As I get closer to retirement, I want my property to keep its maximum value and its appeal.  In order to protect our equity, we need to remain the Gem in the Spring Valley marketplace.
Director Linda Pharris - I have been a homeowner since 1977.   Our children grew up in the neighborhood playing in the parks, swimming in the pools, and attended the local schools.   I worked in the local school district and retired a few years ago.
I am on the board because I care about the community and have time to commit to this volunteer position.   As a board member I will make every effort to look at each issue carefully always keeping in mind what is best for the individual homeowner and the community.  
One reason we purchased our home in the RSD Association was because it was a planned community where the association would maintain the common areas and the homeowners would maintain their property.   We felt that as the years passed, we would be assured that the neighborhood would be kept up.    A well-maintained  community is not just a pleasant place to live, but the effort and cost we invest in the upkeep  of our homes and community directly effects their value in the marketplace in a positive way. 

Director Jim Queen - I have been an RSDA homeowner for the past 21 years.  During my 20 years in the Navy I held numerous positions of leadership including running an aircraft carrier’s medical department and its four million dollar a year budget.  I am currently employed by the Department of Navy as a licensed mental health therapist and hold the position as a program director for a Navy substance abuse treatment and domestic violence counseling center.  My professional training is in the fields of behavioral science and business administration.

Director Mike Spann - I have lived in the Spring Valley, Casa de Oro area for 65 years, with 34 of those years in RSDA.  I have served on Boards for youth sports in the San Diego and Imperial Counties, and was a past RSDA Board member and President.  I will do my best to serve the members of RSDA.